EFI Fuel Management - Simplified
EFI Fuel Management - For Every Rider
EFI Fuel Management - Made Intelligent

Not every Rider needs complex and expensive engine tuners to meet their needs. Most Riders with stock bikes or those making exhaust and/or air cleaner upgrades just want ensure their engine runs properly.
Nightrider's Patented XIED technology is designed to work with OEM closed-loop ECM's to maintain or improve fuel mixtures. 
  • Simple Plug-N-Play Installation. Your bike is running in minutes. Easy to install or remove. 
  • Cost Effective. Do not worry about expensive piggyback controllers or complex software tuning. No Dyno Tuning required.
  • Easy To Adjust. Our adjustable tuning products require nothing more than a small screwdriver to fine tune the fuel mixture.
  • Consistent Results. Like installing a bigger jet in a carburetor. The XiED family of products has been shown to provide one or more of these benefits.
    • Lower Engine/Exhaust Temperatures
    • Reduce Engine Surge
    • Improve Throttle Response
    • Less Engine Ping
When money is tight or you do not want to spend more money than required, and just want to make your motorcycle run a little stronger, you want to consider our innovative products.

Available for Harley-Davidson, BMW, Ducati, Victory, Buell and Indian.

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