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Nightrider's advanced AF-XIED is designed specifically for BMW R-series and K-series engines. Richen the closed loop fuel mixture from 14.6:1 to as much as 13.8:1 using advanced design based on out patented technology. This adjustable closed loop fuel controller allows you to externally alter the fuel to mixtures as rich as lambda .938 (13.8:1).
There is a plug-n-play, custom designed, interchangeable wiring harness available for each model bike. For non-standard bikes or Riders wanting to save some money, there is a Universal wiring harness that does not include the O2 sensor connectors. Current availability includes:
  • R1150 Models - Use the R1150 Harness adapter. Plug-n-play.
  • R1200 Models - Use the R1200 Harness adapter. Plug-n-play.
  • K1200 Models - Use the R1200 Harness adapter. Plug-n-play
  • F800 Models - Order as a F800 Harness adapter. Plug-n-play
  • R1100 Models - use the Universal Wiring Harness. DIY.
    Nightrider and our testing partners have devised a 'single cut' method of integrating the BMW-AF-XIED onto the OEM BMW O2 sensor wiring.
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