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Nightrider's advanced AF-XIED is designed specifically for BMW R-series and K-series engines. Richen the closed loop fuel mixture from 14.6:1 to as much as 13.8:1 using advanced design based on out patented technology. This adjustable closed loop fuel controller allows you to externally alter the fuel to mixtures as rich as lambda .938 (13.8:1).
There is a plug-n-play, custom designed, interchangeable wiring harness available for each model bike. For non-standard bikes or Riders wanting to save some money, there is a Universal wiring harness that does not include the O2 sensor connectors. Current availability includes:
  • R1150 Models - Use the R1150 Harness adapter. Plug-n-play.
  • R1200 Models - Use the R1200 Harness adapter. Plug-n-play.
  • K1200 Models - Use the R1200 Harness adapter. Plug-n-play
  • F800 Models - Order as a F800 Harness adapter. Plug-n-play
  • R1100 Models - use the Universal Wiring Harness. DIY.
    Nightrider and our testing partners have devised a 'single cut' method of integrating the BMW-AF-XIED onto the OEM BMW O2 sensor wiring.
  • R1200
    Use of the BMW AFXIED is not recommended for 2014 and later liquid cooled R1200. Field updates to the ECM by BMW Dealers during routine service department visits are creating incompatibility between the ECM and the AFXIED. The field upgrade was something beyond our control, with no know issues prior to the new ECM load occurring in late 2016. With the field upgrade slowly propagating the change, the situation was not discovered until early 2017. This resulted in our de-certification of the R1200 LC models. We are in the process of developing an updated AFXIED for these bikes. Release date to be announced at a future time. There are no known issues with the older air/oil cooled engines.
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