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A simple, adjustable AFR, plug-n-play fuel management upgrade that fits 2010 and later Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles, and 2012> Later Dyna, Softail and V-Rod. The FL-VIED-10 needs nothing more than a small screwdriver to fine tune the fuel mixture on your bike.
The FL-VIED-10 can be used on stock bikes, or those with upgraded exhaust and air cleaners.The FL-VIED-10 is recommended for motorcycles that have full exhaust system upgrades or stock exhaust headers with catalytic converters removed. The ability to fine tune closed loop the fuel mixture based on your upgrades make the VIED a universal installation for Riders. You can quickly adapt the mixture to your upgrades and riding style using a simple screw driver.
Nightrider's advanced patented design works inline with the heated Delphi narrow band O2 sensor and Delphi ECM to richen the fuel mixtures. Riders can quickly and simply richen the closed loop fuel mixture on your TC96/103/110 engine from the stock 14.6:1 to 14.4-14:0:1 AFR. The XiED's can add up to 6% more fuel to the engine in closed loop operating mode than a similar unequipped vehicle. There is an indirect richening of open loop fuel mixture's through the learning mode or adaptive fuel value action, ensuring these richer 13.8-12.5:1 AFR's are also adjusted in heavy/full throttle situations. This richer fuel mixture results in benefits that can include:
  • Cooler exhaust temperatures
  • Reduced engine temperatures
  • Improved throttle response
  • Less engine ping
Recommended for HD bikes with OEM emissions downloads. These include:
  • TC96, TC96 Stage 1
  • TC103, TC103 Stage 1, TC103 Stage 2
  • TC110, SE CVO 110
Upgraded exhaust systems including slip-on mufflers and full exhaust changes, and air cleaner upgrades are compatible with the FL-ViED(tm)-10 upgrade.
All XiED(tm) products are Protected by U..S Patent 7,805,236
VIED is a registered trademark of S&P Mullen Enterprises, Inc. Oldsmar, FL 34677
For Off Road Use Only
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Second Bike
  I originally purchased the VIED for a 2015 Street Bob that had an aftermarket exhaust and a intake with the screamin eagle race tuner. I installed the VIED and it made it run even better. Long story but I traded the Street Bob in for a 2014 Switchback. Of course I took the VIED off and put it on the Switchback. The Switchback has stock exhaust and air box. It runs so well now I don't foresee getting a tuner with different exhaust because it has the power and performance. Wish I would have known about this before I put the money in the Street Bob. Happy, happy, happy.
  Reviewed by:  Phil Neas from Greenville, SC. on 5/22/2016
  I purchased this item due to modification to exhaust header very good instruction, easy installation,works great
  Reviewed by:  Franklin from North Carolina. on 5/8/2016
Love the FL-VIED-10
  Just love the FL-VIED-10 that I purchased to accompany the slip-on V&H Twin-Slash 3" mufflers and Arlen Ness Stage 1 Big Sucker air cleaner installed on my 2014 Harley Davidson Fat Boy. The product works perfect. Have it set at 50% on both the front and rear. The bike runs perfectly. Everything that I read about the product in reviews and on blogs was dead on target. Love the company and its wonderful web-site, too. This is a perfect & economical way to improve performance with a Stage 1 upgrade for sure.
  Reviewed by:  Terry Oswald from Council Bluffs, Iowa. on 4/17/2016
Happy Guy
  Now THIS was a welcome surprise! I had heard this rock, picked one up and WOW what a difference! Instant improvement on speed, less heat, and WAY WAY better down in the low RPMs. I have already gotten one of my group to buy one, and at least two more are interested already! Great stuff.. good product and VERY quick to get here !!!
  Reviewed by:  CharlesV from California. on 4/1/2016
  Purchased the fl 10 xied kit and installed on my 2013 fxdc the inst all was easy and quick . Started up the bike and tuned the pots to desired leval 50 frt cyl and 60 rear cyl. I instantly noticed the difference in the way the engine ran . Tried some other settings but the 50/60 seemed the best for me . Rode the bike and found better throttle response and the bike had more power . I have stage 1 with se air filter and v&h straight shots . I also noticed that the engine runs a lot cooler and the dreaded twin cam rocker arm noise was gone . This is a great upgrade for the twin cam and I will be adding some se 211 cams in the near future !
  Reviewed by:  Robert Orick from Jacksonville fl . on 2/23/2016
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