Victory AF-XiED
IN-AF-XIED-14 - advanced closed-loop ECM manager

Victory AF-XiED

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Part Number:VI-AFXIED-15
Fits up to 2015 Victory
single wire un-heated O2 sensor
This is Nightrider’s most sophisticated adjustable fuel management design for Victory Motorcycles. With a wide 14.6-13.6 fuel mixture range and an integrated air fuel indicator led's, the VI-AF-XiED-15 provides the highest degree of control over closed loop fuel mixtures possible. Our simple plug-n-play fuel management upgrade for your bike works with your existing OEM O2 sensors and ECM allowing richer fuel mixtures than any of our other products. Riders can quickly and simply richen the closed loop fuel mixture on your Indian engine from the stock 14.6:1 to 14.6-13.6:1 adjustable AFR.
The adjustable AFR settings step in 0.1 AFR steps, set with a small screw driver. The AF XIED integrated Air Fuel indicator simplifies exhaust readings to 4 ranges, proving LED feedback based on the actual air fuel ratio in your exhaust. 
The richer fuel mixture results in benefits that can include:
  • Cooler exhaust temperatures
  • Reduced engine temperatures
  • Improved throttle response
  • Less engine ping
  • Reduced low RPM engine surge
Recommended for rider with bone stock bikes, or those with upgraded exhaust, converter removal and/or air cleaner changes including:
The VI-AF-XIED-15 is available for all Victory Motorcycles with OEM O2 1-wire Bosch sensors. 
Protected by US Patent 7,805,236; Other Patent Pending; Copyright 2015 SP Mullen, Oldsmar FL 34677
For Off Road Use Only

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