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Fits most 2007 and later H-D (except 10 and later Touring, 2012 Dyna/Softail/V-Rod), including 06 Dyna. The ViED(r) is our universal fuel management device. Its variable AFR design lets you set the fuel mixture for any H-D using the Bosch O2 sensor. A very simple adjustable AFR device for your bike requiring nothing more than a small screwdriver. This is based on our simple plug-n-play fuel management upgrade specifically designed for most Harley-Davidson bikes. Nightrider's unique patented design works with your existing OEM O2 sensor and ECM allowing richer fuel mixtures. Riders can quickly and simply richen the closed loop fuel mixture on your Twin Cam, Sportster or V-Rod engine from the stock 14.6:1 to a 14.3-13.7:1 AFR range.
The richer fuel mixture results in benefits that can include:
  • Cooler exhaust temperatures
  • Reduced engine temperatures
  • Improved throttle response
  • Less engine ping
  • Less low RPM engine surge
Nightrider's advanced patented design works inline with the narrow band O2 sensor and Delphi ECM to richen the fuel mixtures. Riders can quickly and simply richen the closed loop fuel mixture on your H-D engine from the stock 14.6:1 to 14.3-13.7:1 AFR. The ViED's can add up to 8% more fuel to the engine in closed loop operating mode than a similar unequipped vehicle. There is an indirect richening of open loop fuel mixture's through the learning mode or adaptive fuel value action, ensuring these richer 13.8-12.5:1 AFR's are also adjusted in heavy/full throttle situations.
Recommended for HD bikes with OEM emissions downloads. These include:
  • TC96, TC96 Stage 1
  • TC103, TC103 Stage 1, TC103 Stage 2
  • TC110, SE CVO 110
  • XL 883, XL 1200, XR1200, Stage 1 upgrade
  • V-Rod
Upgraded exhaust systems including slip-on mufflers and full exhaust changes, and air cleaner upgrades are compatible with the ViED(r) upgrade.
All XiED products are Protected by U.S. Patent 7,805,236
XIED and VIED are registered trademarks of S&P Mullen Enterprises, Inc. Oldsmar, FL 34677.
For Off Road Use Only
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ViED Part#105 Unbelievable Improvement!!!
  I have a HD 2010 Sportster XL 1200L that was bucking at low rpm and in 4th and 5th gear had to be run at a high rpm. I was just getting ready to have the bike re-mapped because of the change of exhaust and air cleaner when I came across the ViED. It was so easy to install it was unbelievable. It TOTALLY made the bike run smooth at all speeds and gears! I would recommend the ViED to anyone who owns a Harley Davidson. Great product!!!
  Reviewed by:  Ralph from San Diego, CA. on 4/22/2016
  I attached my VIEDs after removing my baffles and tweeked them in tune and my make sounds badass everyone likes it because I have the "72" 1200 Sportster and couldn't do this until my warranty expired. Makes my neighbor's Streetglide sound like a minibike Lol
  Reviewed by:  rod Garrison from Wilmington, OHIO. on 11/5/2015
  Great product got over a 1000 miles with them now. no problems
  Reviewed by:  Charlie from Indiana. on 8/24/2015
  I purchased the VIED. 3 days later it was sitting in my mailbox. instructions were as easy to follow as they could be. the product seems well put together. Ground wire was included. However it was a bit short for the front O2 sensor to reach a good grounding point on my sportster. Not a real problem just had to use my imagination a bit. First ride after install and I did not notice the surging that I have been experiencing. I am still hearing the deceleration pop, but I have some adjustments that can still be made. I am happy so far. will see how it does after a week of commuting 40 miles to and from work. Thank you
  Reviewed by:  Garry Rasmussen from Wasilla AK. on 5/16/2015
owner/shade tree wrench
  I ordered the ViED for my '11 Fatboy(with 62,500 miles on it). It took only about a half hour to install, and most of that time was removing and reinstalling the battery. One four hour ride was all it took to see the results, and it lives up to your claims. I'm leaving this week for a 6 weeks ride so I can give another review on performance and mileage after that. Time and money well spent from what I've seen so far.
  Reviewed by:  james r olinger from wise va.. on 4/20/2015
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