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BMW-AF-XIED Control Unit
BMW-AF-XIED Control Unit

AF-XIED for BMW R1150

Your Price: $214.90
Retail Price:$219.90
Your Savings:$5.00(2%)
Available from DK Custom Products (HD) or BeemerBoneYard (BMW)
Part Number:1200-3
  • Custom Wiring Harness Made for Each Model Bike
  • Universal Wiring Harness without O2 sensor connectors (DIY)
  • Special Packaging/Pricing for R1200 Model Bikes!

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Harness Extension
AF-XIED® for BMW 1150
as discussed on the BMWMOA, ADVRIDER and BMWSporttouring forums.
Dramatically REDUCE Surging
Improve Throttle Response
Stronger Mid-Range Roll-on
Lower Engine Temperature
Reduced Engine Ping
Nightrider is proud to introduce the AF-XIED for BMW R1150 to its product line. After extensive development and testing, we have adapted the most sophisticated version of our patented narrowband O2 sensor inline enrichment technology for use with the BMW Motronics 2.x series of ECM's used in the R1150 motorcycles.
This technology allows the BMW AF-XIED to provide the most accurate control over narrow band O2 sensors achievable, providing quite accurate Lambda shifts from the emissions mandated 1.000 (14.7:1 AFR) to 0.939 (13.8:1) normally only seen by wide band sensor upgrades. Stable mixtures of Lambda 0.925 (13.6:1) have been seen in some bikes. All of this in a low-cost, simple, plug-n-play package that can be installed with a minimal of effort.
The BMW AF-XIED for R1150 includes a custom designed plug-n-play harness adapters that allows the Rider to easily plug the AF-XIED into their bikes wiring harness with no additional modifications. Using OEM style connectors, installation has been simplified. This installation does not even require connecting a wire to the battery.
5 Stars
Great device!
Better response and engine characteristics improved. No more KFR! Easy to install. only thing you need to do is remove the tank in order to install the Af-Xied. I would recommend everone buying this device.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Netherlands. on 7/14/2017
5 Stars
BMW wiring harness adapter for AF-XIED R1150
This product is spot on. I have tried many different things to get rid of the pinging on my bike including changing the chip. That helped a bit but this has transformed my bike. I did have to adjust it from the setting it arrived on as it was still pinging. Went from being rich to just perfect and NO Ping. Awesome. The bike has never felt better, responded better and sounds great. Very happy with the product and service.
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Reviewed by:  from New Zealand. on 11/26/2015
5 Stars
well posted,,my R850R still runs the cat but with a straight through muffler , ran it on 7 for starters for about 300km...surging gone and a responsive throttle...mpg suffered so set it on 6...cruise throttle still perky.. done about 600k and returning about 19.5k a liter on mixed open road riding .. happy
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Reviewed by:  from New zealand. on 3/27/2017
5 Stars
This was literally a 15 minute installation and immediately solved many of my complaints about the throttle behavior on my 2002 r1150gs
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Reviewed by:  from New Mexico. on 1/3/2017
5 Stars
An integral piece of the overall engine management system. With other modifications accomplished to improve performance on my bike, adjustable A/F ratio was critical. This basically does automatically what a combination of the Power Commander and Autotune add-on would do for less than half the cost. No ECU modification, easy installation, noticeable improvement of performance and reduction of backfire (with appropriate timing adjustment).
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Reviewed by:  from Pacific NW. on 3/28/2018

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