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AF-XIED for BMW R1200 Liquid Cooled

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Retail Price:$399.95
Your Savings:$20.00(5%)
Available from DK Custom Products (HD) or BeemerBoneYard (BMW)
Part Number:1200-2LC
  • Custom Wiring Harness Made for Each Model Bike


Includes 2 - BMW-AF-XIED Control Units, 2 - R1200 Harness Adapters, 2 - RAM (relay adapter) modules
R1200 Liquid Cooled BMW-AF-XIED®
as discussed on the BMWMOA, ADVRIDER and BMWSporttouring forums.
Dramatically REDUCE Surging
Improve Throttle Response
Stronger Mid-Range Roll-on
Lower Engine Temperature
Reduced Engine Ping
Nightrider is proud to introduce the BMW-AF-XIED for liquid cooled engines to its product line. After extensive development and testing, we have adapted the most sophisticated version of our patented narrowband O2 sensor inline enrichment technology for use with the BMW Motronics ECM's used in BMW's R1200 LC engines.
This technology allows the BMW-AF-XIED to provide the most accurate control over narrow band O2 sensors achievable, providing quite accurate Lambda shifts from the emissions mandated 1.000 (14.7:1 AFR) to 0.939 (13.8:1) normally only seen by wide band sensor upgrades. Stable mixtures of Lambda 0.925 (13.6:1) have been seen in some bikes. All of this at a modest-cost and in a simple, plug-n-play package that can be installed with a minimum of effort.

This BMW AFXIED is specifically designed for the liquid cooled R1200 type engines. Field updates to the ECM by BMW Dealers during routine service department visits creating incompatibility between the ECM and the  Earlier BMW AFXIED.

The development of our RAM (relay adapter) module for the AFXIED provides compatibility for the LC bikes. This R1200 AFXIED kit contains the correct Harness Adapters, RAM and AFXIED for the water cooled bikes.
For Riders that already have a pair of BMW AFXIED, the RAM modules are available for order by themselves. This allows Riders to update their bike and the AFXIED.

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