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Advanced NBO2 AFR Gauge
Advanced NBO2 AFR Gauge

Advanced Narrow Band AFR Gauge

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Available from DK Custom Products (HD) or BeemerBoneYard (BMW)
Part Number:AFR-NBO2x2

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Here is the new dual NBO2 sensor Nightrider.com® Advanced AFR Gauge. This is the most advanced and flexible narrow band AFR monitor available we are aware of. This can be used by Riders with AFXIED or other tuning products to expand the monitoring capabilities. 

It can be added to ANY VEHICLE including motorcycles, ATV or automobiles with one or two narrow band O2 sensors. 

Unlike the generic NBO2 gauges on the market, there will be specific calibrations for heated or non-heated sensors providing very good accuracy of the fuel mixture. The dual sensor mode lets older vehicles to use the device. For Riders that want, they will also be able to see a 'raw' voltage display. Because of the modular design, Owners will be able to move this AFR gauge between vehicles. At (approx.) 1.80" x 3.00" x 1.00", it will also be one of the smallest AFR gauges on the market.

There are ten operating modes on the new AFR Gauge. Each Mode is selected by the 10-position rotary switch.
  1. Average AFR for both 4-wire sensors
  2. AFR for cylinder 1 4-wire sensor
  3. AFR for cylinder 2 4-wire sensor
  4. Average AFR for both 2-wire sensors
  5. AFR for cylinder 1 2-wire sensor
  6. AFR for cylinder 2 2-wire sensor
  7. Average volts for both cylinders
  8. Volts for cylinder 1
  9. Volts for cylinder 2
  10. History of last 20 seconds on both cylinders
Other Features:
  • 8 AFR/Voltage LED (Red,Yel,Yel,Grn,Grn,Grn,Grn,Red) covering AFR's from 16.0:1 to 11.0:1
  • 3 Status LED (Cyl 1,Cyl 2,2-wire active) to indicate all 9 active modes and the history/replay Mode
  • Power On LED
Like our AF-XIED® product lines, the AFR Gauge is mounted in epoxy, making it highly water resistant. The Mode switch is rated for 240 hours of full immersion in water. A wide variety of installation methods available. There is a universal T-tap harness available, as well as specific plug-n-play harness for various bikes and a special AF-XIED Harness Adapter 'no cut' adapter. All wiring will be long enough to allow the AFR Gauge to be mounted on the handle bars. Mounting kits will be available for handle bars or the Rider can use the enclosed Velcro® for simple surface mounting.
This AFR Gauge can be used to monitor any narrow band O2 sensor. Just connect to the O2 sensor signal, ground and a +12v source. The Nightrider AFR Gauge is designed around a microcontroller allowing more accurate interpretation and display of fuel readings from your narrow band O2 sensor. 
While a NBO2 will never match the accuracy of a wide band sensor, our Copyrighted design provides extremely accurate feedback of the fuel mixture. Another Nightrider.com® exclusive design.

Compare the Nightrider Advanced AFR Gauge at $100 to other motorcycle specific Single O2 Display gauges costing $249. Dual O2 sensor Display capabilities cost as much as $295. The Nightrider dual NBO2 sensor gauge is less expensive than competitors single gauges and are available in plug-n-play packaging. No need to go through the OEM wiring harness, looking for the correct connection points. The Nightrider AFR Gauge has functionality beyond a simple display, allowing a view of voltage from the O2 sensors and stores a history of the last 20 seconds that can be replayed at any time.
While our gauge is not flashy, you get functional information of your engine's operation for tuning and peace of mind. Our microcontroller based technology is second to none.

NBO2 Sensors Not Included
Vehicle Specific plug-n-play Harness Adapters must be added
Handlebar Mounting Kit Not Included
5 Stars
Will this work on an old Harley carbed if I install 02sensor ?
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Reviewed by:  from Soddy daisy tn. on 12/28/2017

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